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Dr. Martinez-Cruz

Dr. Martinez-Cruz graduated from medical school in 1987 from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), a prestigious insitution in the capital of the Dominican Republic and the first University in the American Continent. He served his internship and residency at  Montefiore Medical Center. Dr. Martinez-Cruz is a former instructor in clinical medicine at Harvard Medical School.


Dr. Martinez-Cruz is proud to have his practice in the Villages. He believes that it is through the physician-patient partnership that excellent health care is achieved. Experience and availability to manage the broad spectrum of medical problems defines Dr. Martinez-Cruz's abilities and reputation.

Our Practice
We take great pride in our role as the primary care provider for our patients, helping our patients and their families better understand their conditions and treatments. More importantly, however, we emphasize preventive medicine. With informed and efficient use of diagnostic testing and coordination of patient care, as a patient of Dr. Martinez-Cruz, your health is our first priority.
The practice prides itself on personal patient care and friendly staff. Each patient is viewed as an individual with unique issues and concerns. Effective health care strategies are designed around the specific patient's health situation.




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